Industrial Area for Data Center Construction

Excellent location for Global Data Centers.

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Connect your data center with Europe, America and the Middle East from a single location.

Industrial area is an excellent opportunity for the commercial development of companies that want to grow outside their borders. Due to it´s excellent geographical location, you can develop the best Data Center infrastructure and reach Gold TIER IV level with ease. This ground offers an unbeatable strategic situation taking into account the trends in the planning of submarine cables for the next years and the excellent internal connection network. Facilitates connectivity with Submarine Cables:
  • Connection North America with Europe. Only 200 kilometers from the main motorway of submarine cables in the Atlantic (Lisbon and Oporto).
  • Excellent connection to the submarine cable between Sao Paulo (Brazil), Sines (Portugal) and Madrid. Due to the proximity to Industrial Area to the new connection, it becomes the best strategic location and therefore the best option for the installation of a Data Center.
  • Connection with submarine cables that depart from southern Spain. They connect the peninsula with the Canary Islands, America and areas of southern Europe with the Near East.
The submarine cable map can be consulted in the submarine cable map portal. It is a map that contains all submarine cables deployed around the world. Industrial Area is excellent for the generation of solar energy for the purpose of energy self –  sufficiency
  • Area available for sale or rent 129,200m²
  • Extremadura is among the regions most in demand for the installation of photovoltaic parks due to it´s high level of solar radiation, according to the Technical Building Code (CTE) published by the energy efficiency guide Efimarket .
  • The acquisition of the land can be done under the purchase or rental regime.
  • It has got direct access from the highway, with south orientation, flat and clear terrain, the high voltage cable passes through the ground, near the evacuation point, without charge and is not included in the environmental protection zone (Zepa).
Submarine cables 2019

Cables that will enter service in 2019 (Source: TeleGeography)